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Research & Development

Biosolvit, through its research and development department, is incessantly seeking solutions that improve life on the planet. We use applied biotechnology as a vector and nature as a source of inspiration. The basis for our research is the preservation of the environment and life on the planet. Using waste from the most diverse origins as raw material and promoting innovations from ideation to its adoption by customers and consumers, we believe that the key to the company’s growth is its ability to systematically innovate, that is, consistently and recurrent. Our vision can be summed up in an affirmation that has become permanent in our trajectory: the best Biosolvit product will always be the next one!

Innovation that changes the world for the better!

We are a biotechnology company applied to sustainability and our business is currently structured in three main areas.

Where are our technologies being applied?

jardinagem domestica

Home Gardening

The Biogreen Home line is made up of minimally processed products intended for home gardening, making the growing of flowers, plants and vegetables at home an extremely pleasurable habit.

Remediação de acidentes com petróleo e derivados

Remediation of accidents with oil and oil products

A complete line for remediation of accidents with oil and oil products at sea or on land. The Bioblue Ecofast line is simply the most efficient line in the world for this purpose.



Biosolvit has been investing and developing solutions that will make agribusiness more sustainable and, above all, healthier.

Tratamento de água

Water treatmentq

One of humanity’s first challenges for the coming years is the treatment of contaminated water. In response to this challenge, Biosolvit has been developing solutions for the treatment of contaminated water in industries and homes.