Inea visits Biosolvit to attest to the quality of the products

Bioblue, evaluated by the institute, is already recognized internationally

By Rhenzo Nogueira – Biosolvit

Rio de Janeiro, December 20th – This December, Biosolvit received a visit from Inea (State Institute for the Environment), a government agency of Rio de Janeiro linked to the State Secretariat for the Environment. The objective was to evaluate the efficiency of Bioblue products.

During the visit, Inea agents learned a little about Biosolvit’s history, the company’s facilities in Barra Mansa (RJ) and the products of all Bioblue brand lines. “We had the opportunity to show the effectiveness and differential of our products”, highlighted the co-founder of Biosolvit, Wagner Martins.

Inea agents were able to see up close a demonstration of the use of Bioblue absorbers, blankets and cords in onshore form (on land), carried out by Biosolvit employees. “The demonstration to the control and inspection bodies is important for them to know how the products work, generating a better response to environmental incidents and accidents”, said Douglas Muniz, operational technician at Bioblue.

For Martins, the importance of this relationship is “Inea is seeing the quality of our product, which makes a difference from the moment the institute inspects a client and sees the applicability of the Bioblue line.”

Today, Bioblue is present in the United States, Spain and Argentina and with the objective of entering into new contracts in other countries over the next few years.

About Biosolvit

Brazilian Scale Up of biotechnology applied to the development of new materials. Founded in 2014, Biosolvit is the developer of the 100% natural oil and derivatives absorber, more efficient and economical than all market competitors, whose main characteristic is the possibility of recovering and reusing the absorbed material. Winner of more than a dozen awards for the best startup in Brazil and six international awards, Biosolvit stands out not only for its accelerated and sustained growth, but also for its research.