Biosolvit believes that working under the ESG pillars contributes to the company having a good image in the market and, consequently, attracting good investors. For us, taking care of the environment, being socially responsible and adopting the best governance practices generates positive impacts for the company and helps preserve our planet.

We work under the pillars of sustainability, maintaining our commitment to the environment and developing sustainable technologies capable of generating a positive transformation in the planet.


We recover waste discarded from the industry and use it as raw material for the development of our products. We are a company dedicated to generating sustainable solutions, which promotes the circular economy as a philosophy of life. We maintain our active and committed positioning with regard to low environmental impact initiatives.

Steps following the illustration:
1- Industrial production
2- Selection of collected waste
3- Delivery of collected material to our production center
4- Research and testing in our laboratories
5- Final product available for the market


The United Nations has identified 17 goals related to sustainable development in the world.

Biosolvit, through its products and practices, meets 7 of these 17 goals and, consequently, promotes the improvement of life on the planet.

Our customers, when they adopt our solutions, demonstrate their clear commitment to a better and more sustainable world.


Our story originates from an analysis of the extraction of palm hearts, one of the most appreciated foods on the Brazilian table. Through this process, the opportunity was identified to create a regenerative system with its residues and reuse them, giving form to an already extinct product, but which has always been successful among gardening enthusiasts: tree fern fiber.

This item, which in 2004 was banned from industrialization due to environmental issues, can now return to all consumers’ homes in a 100% sustainable way. Keeping the purpose of developing environmentally friendly technologies, Biosolvit created its business vertical for the water treatment market, developing technologies to contain oil and by-product spills in the sea or on land. Throughout our history we have received dozens of awards for our technology and in 2019 the Natural Bioblue Absorber was recognized by the CEDRE Institute in France as the most efficient absorber in the world.