We currently have two factories for the industrialization of our products. One of them is in Porto Belo, Santa Catarina, where Biogreen products, our sustainable gardening line, are manufactured. The second plant is located in the city of Barra Mansa, south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, where we manufacture Bioblue products, our business focused on the remediation of accidents involving oil and oil products. At Biogreen, we produce our tree fern fiber, made from 100% ecological palm fibers, which replaces the old tree fern fiber, whose sale was suspended due to the risk of extinction of the species. In addition to Xaxim, we produce substrates for the cultivation of all types of plants, with emphasis on its great adaptation to the cultivation of orchids and bromeliads, in addition to our vegetable soil, indicated as an auxiliary input for plant development.

At Bioblue, we industrialize products for the remediation of environmental accidents with petroleum, derivatives and oils of all kinds, including those of vegetable origin. We have two lines of absorbers, synthetic and natural, which originate a wide range of products, including blankets, cords, pillows, absorption barriers and bulk absorbers. In addition, we produce fixed and mobile containment barriers, designed to contain leaks in sheltered waters or in the open sea, which are characterized as a line of complementary products. Our most recent launch is the Ecofast line, made from the Bioblue Natural Absorber, with a high capacity for absorbing oil and derivatives, capable of absorbing up to four times faster than other products on the market.

Verticalization, from idea to market!

Biosolvit’s biggest differential is the vertical integration, since we act from the idea of ​​a new material to its practical application, something that is only achieved thanks to our vocation as an industry.




Bioblue’s focus is the industrialization of products intended for water preservation. We are suppliers of on and offshore products, as we present solutions to fight groundwater contamination, and also in water treatment processes. Currently, our Bioblue product line is intended for the remediation of environmental accidents with petroleum, derivatives and oils of all kinds.



Biogreen specializes in the industrialization of products intended for the preservation of flora. We call it green technology because its goal is to develop products that promote sustainable gardening. Biogreen’s product line is derived from vegetable fibers discarded in other processes, which reinforces our commitment to preserving the environment.