Practice Areas


Our business always has the same starting point: the development of new materials from renewable raw material sources. We reuse discarded waste in other production processes and generate value from this, manufacturing ecologically correct products that contribute to the preservation of the environment. We currently operate in three major areas:

Our researchers use residues from the most diverse origins as raw material and transform them into innovative products, promoting the concept of circular economy, in which resources are no longer just explored and discarded, but are reused in a new cycle.

Following the purpose of developing sustainable technologies, Biosolvit innovated expanding its business to the oil accident remediation, on & offshore, and contaminated water treatment markets. After studies and tests, our R&D team developed a set of technologies that allow the absorption of various types of oil, whether of mineral or vegetable origin.

Analyzing the cultivation and extraction of palm heart, we identified the opportunity to create a regenerative system with its residues and reuse them. From this, we created Xaxim Pots , a 100% ecological product for home gardening. Following our philosophy of manufacturing ecologically correct products, we have created a complete line of substrates that make the delicious habit of growing flowers, plants and vegetables at home easier.