Biosolvit and UniFOA: partnership opens doors for the development of new projects

Signed cooperation agreement enables exploration of other branches of biotechnology

Volta Redonda, November 5, 2021 – Representatives of Biosolvit and FOA/UniFOA met this Thursday (4) to celebrate the cooperation agreement between the institutions that aims to leverage new research and development projects in the area of ​​biotechnology.

Among the authorities present, there was the president of FOA, Eduardo Prado, who highlighted the importance of the new agreement: “The two institutions can now form an alliance, sign an agreement and come up with several other projects aimed at research, for economic development, but, mainly, for the development of people and the environment”, he said.

The relationship between Biosolvit and UniFOA began in 2011, with the current co-founder of the company, Wagner Martins, a course completion project in the Biological Sciences course, when he created a natural product capable of absorbing oil and derivatives, today the Natural Bioblue Ecofast absorber, recognized as the most efficient in the world by Cedre, French institute. “Besides being able to create something at UniFOA, together with my advisor, being able to help other students is fabulous. It’s leaving a legacy for other generations,” said Wagner.

“For us it is a huge pride, because Biosolvit’s history, as a biotechnology company, was born within UniFOA. We learned to do science, to believe in science within the university center and this is very important”, added Guilhermo Queiroz, CEO of Biosolvit.

From an academic point of view, the intention is to go beyond the usual and use the knowledge of professionals from Biosolvit and the university center to carry out new projects, as the pro-rector of research and graduate studies at UniFOA, Bruno Gambarato says: “The idea of ​​innovating is exactly that. It’s getting out of the comfort zone and exploring new areas, new points.”

For the university center’s dean, Úrsula Fraga, the partnership brings an immense gain to the students of the educational institution: “They can put into practice the knowledge acquired in their courses and also develop new skills through innovative projects. […] Biosolvit can offer our academic staff the opportunity to carry out applied research to consolidate knowledge and promote innovation”, he pointed out.

About Biosolvit

Brazilian Scale Up of biotechnology applied to the development of new materials. Founded in 2014, Biosolvit is the developer of the 100% natural oil and derivatives absorber, more efficient and economical than all market competitors, whose main characteristic is the possibility of recovering and reusing the absorbed material. Winner of more than a dozen awards for the best startup in Brazil and six international awards, Biosolvit stands out not only for its accelerated and sustained growth, but also for its research.