Bio Collab, our collaborative platform, aims to promote joint efforts in the development of projects with disruptive potential, allowing the search for funding for research and development in Brazil and abroad, in order to facilitate the entry process of a new product and/or process in the market of interest (“go to market”). The financing can also be contributed to Biosolvit itself, when appropriate to the company’s interests. Have a good idea and don’t know where to start? Let’s innovate together!

Biosolvit is a research and development HUB that connects researchers to their dreams and solutions to the market. Our mission is to build a better world, doing good and doing well. Our worldview is that sustainability and preservation can go hand in hand with economic viability.


Our goal is to be a reference in the development and application of innovative products, from renewable sources and capable of solving environmental problems through applied biotechnology.

Projects that use discarded biomass or organic or industrial waste as raw material are priorities for us. If they are intended to create solutions that preserve the environment and life on the planet, so much the better.

Do you have a project with these characteristics? Share with us!


Once the maturity of the invention is defined, we will decide how to proceed with our collaboration. We believe that a project with disruptive potential in its application market must be developed in a maximum of two years, ideally in one year.

The analysis of the project’s potential will be carried out first by the R&D director and then by a scientific committee composed of specialists from related fields of knowledge.

The decision on which projects to recommend for collaboration follows a rigorous internal standard of scientific evaluation and technical/economic feasibility.


Do you have any interesting projects and are you looking for a good partner to develop?
Bring it to us and let’s walk together towards the realization of this dream!