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Biosolvit is a play on words…
Biotechnology BIO + SOLVIT Solutions!

Thats how we are, a company that uses biotechnology as a way to solve problems, looking for solutions that preserve life and the environment. Our researchers use nature as a source of inspiration and discarded materials as raw material. So we are pioneers in the sustainable transformation that is making our planet a little better day after day.


Bio Collab is a research cooperation platform, which puts into practice an open innovation model and allows working together with universities and research centers in the development of new technologies.

Have a good idea and don´t know from where to start?
Bring it to us and lets walk together towards the realization of this dream!




Bioblue industrializes products that are intended to preserve water. We are a supplier of a complete line of products for on and offshore accident remediation. Our solutions are intended to combat the contamination of groundwater, rivers, seas and oceans, as well as the treatment of contaminated water in an industrial or domestic environment.



Biogreen industrializes minimally processed products that are intended for the cultivation of flowers, plants and vegetables. We call it green technology because it is intended for the preservation of flora, as its products contribute to the preservation of various species. Its product line is derived from vegetable fibers discarded in other processes, which reinforces our commitment to preserving the environment.


Hernane Barud

PhD in Chemistry, Researcher/Professor associated with UNIARA, coordinator of the BioPolMat Laboratory. Postdoctoral at Trent University-Canada and prof. Visitor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Coimbra-Portugal.

The path taken by the Biosolvit company is something that inspires us deeply. In a scenario still under construction in Brazil, in startups in the biotech area, we see the advance of a company built on values, making use of all the knowledge that Brazilian researchers have, turning what was a proposal into reality. Its amazing to see where Biosolvit has gone, and I believe this is just the beginning. Biosolvit will reach new flights not only in Brazil, but also abroad. It is with great joy that I certify and be inspired by the trajectory of Biosolvits CEO, Mr. Guilhermo Queiroz.”

Aline Vaz de Souza

PhD in Polymers from IMA/UFRJ and collaborator at the SENAI Institute of Innovation in Green Chemistry.

Biosolvit is a company that is pleasant to be involved, not only for efficiently presenting innovative solutions but also for its commitment to the environment. The company understands that sustainability and acting responsibly towards the environment are not specific businesses, but an indispensable part of each business, which attracts more and more customers.

Claudinei dos Santos

Research Professor at UERJ, Materials Engineer at UFF, Doctor at USP Lorena; CNPQ Productivity Scholar, Scientist from Our State FAPERJ and currently visiting researcher at the University of Aveiro(Portugal).

Obsession, in the best sense, for innovation is one of Biosolvit’s highlights. Its trajectory, always associated with innovative projects with a positive impact on segments associated with the environment, shape the profile of this company. The new project management model and the care taken with the different stages of development of new products/processes are differentiated. The maturity of management decisions, associated with the great potential of the team involved in its various sectors, are, without a doubt, differentials.
that allow us to foresee a long and solid path of success, differentiating it from other companies in its segment.


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